at Coonoor

Located at an altitude of 1800 m, Coonoor is one of the most well known hill station in the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. The scenic beauty of the hill station is sure to appeal all kinds of tourist in Coonoor. To add to the picturesque beauty is that salubrious climate of the place. The weather in Coonoor is always pleasant and enjoyable. Coonoor experiences three distinct seasons - summer, winter and monsoon. The summer season starts from the month of March and lasts till May. Temperature during this period touches a high of 17.0 °C. and a low of 13.9 °C.. It is the most pleasant among all the other season and an ideal time to watch the picturesque grandeur of the place.

The coming of July marks the arrival of monsoon. Coonoor receives mild to medium rainfalls, which makes the climate humid. During this time, this picturesque hill station is replete with lush green sceneries. The monsoon gives way to the winters. December, January and February are the coldest months of the year. Temperature during this time lies somewhere between 100 C to 200 C. It is an ideal time for those who are fond of cooler temperatures. October to March is the best time to visit. It is also an ideal time for engaging in perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

at ooty

The climate in Ooty is so good the British originally made it a holiday retreat more than 200 years ago. Even today, many British residents, captivated by the combination of scenery and weather in Ooty, remain. Ooty weather rarely experiences extremely trying conditions. In the winter (October-February), the temperatures generally venture no lower than 0°C-5°C and range as high as 21°C. In the summer (March-September), the maximum daytime temperature is about 25°C. The monsoon season (July-September) brings such heavy rains that trekking is generally impossible. The trade-off, however, is fabulous lush greenery

Winter, from December till February, experiences much cooler and drier weather. The average high drops suddenly and stands around 18°C while the low fluctuate between 5-8°C. January is considered as the coldest month of the year with the average low of 5°C. The period receives a little rainfall although around seven hours of sunshine per day makes the season pleasant for the people.

Enjoy your visit and do come again!